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Blowfish-SMS by s7ephen

Like "OTR" but for SMS. Send/Receive blowfish encrypted SMS messages on your Android phone.

Blowfish_sms is a script that runs on Android's SL4A (Scripting Layer For Android). It uses native API's to perform GUI and other "phoneish" things. It is intended to demonstrate the ease and power of having scripting languages available on your phone.


SL4A will allow you to use QR-Codes (the barcode thingies above) to distribute your scripts also if they are below 4096 bytes in size! You can generate them here

If I get the time to implement Blowfish in pure Java I may port this over a native Dalvik runtime (.apk). But for now I think the "openness" and readability of scripts makes it easier to "trust" an application of this kind, which is why I thought this was a perfect app to write using SL4A.





Stephen A. Ridley (

Twitter: s7ephen


Here are some screenshots of Blowfish_SMS running:

1. Launching SL4A 2. Select Blowfish_SMS script.
3. When launched, you see this warning. 4. Then you select the person you wanna chat with.
5. Messages limited to 90 chars. 6. Enter the Blowfish passphrase.
7. The SMS CLI Interface. 8. Sending Messages from the SMS CLI interface
9. Receiving encrypted SMS messages (auto-decrypted). 10. Messages are marked read but remain as cyphertext.


You can download this project in either zip or tar formats.

You can also clone the project with Git by running:

$ git clone git://